Swedish designer Sofia Svanteson - super hot at Mobile world Congress 11

Swedish startup founder Sofia Svanteson is going to be a super-hot potato at the Mobile World Congress with her fast-growing,  award winning design agency Ocean Observations. Mobile World Congress is taking place this week.

Sofia and her team are behind the design of the Japanese cell operator KDDI's latest Android-phone IS03, manufactured by Sharp. Sofia Svanteson is responsible for the user interface.

Ocean Observations together with IKIVO, market leading supplier of UI solutions based on open web standards, today jointly announced their partnership to deliver Fipplr, which is a progressive Android Homescreen. Fipplr will improve content and social service experiences with  feeds and an unconventional take on graphic design, reports prnewswire.co.uk

"This is our first huge project we will do for a big brand, where we actually are allowed to tell about our involvement. Many companies are really tough with this: design agencies are not allowed to talk about their customers and then it's very difficult to do marketing for the company", Sofia tells DI.

Ocean Observations was founded in 2001 and has  30 employees. They forecast  that they will grow  75 % in 2010-11 from the 13 million SEK ($2008000) they earned in 2009-10.

Their focus is on "connected consumer products". They re-design  cell phones to improve ease-of-use but it's about a lot more, for example kitchen equipment and making  gadgets easier to understand. Other customers include Nokia, Microsoft, Ericsson, Vodafone, Electrolux, Tre, Telia, Tele2 (swedish cell operators), Swedish Postoffice and Skype. They recently opened an office in Tokyo and are hoping for more Japanese clients now, writes DI.