Globe Forum Stockholm 2011 Business Innovation for Sustainable Growth

Bringing sustainable innovations to market
Globe Forum is a conference and  an accelerator for bringing sustainable innovations to the market. This is made possible through the power of crowdsourcing.

List of participants at the Stockholm conference

The forum conlcuded with a positive message of practical application - solutions are available now and then can be implemented effectively today.

Winner of 2011 Innovator's contest  - Bokashi

Jenny Harlén - Bokashi

Can you transform food waste into agricultural nutrients? Bokashi is a preservation method which produces revitalised farming soil – without compost or incineration. Through adding living microbes, you will receive nutrient soil to use in a matter of two weeks. Take care of your food waste and put it to good use.

Some of the other participants

Gunnar Thelin - Ekobalans

We offer complete solutions for the handling of rest products such as biogas digestates, sewage sludge, and ashes and refinement of these into high quality fertilizers and fertilizer concepts for agriculture, forestry and gardening.

Torsten Granberg - Plagazi

Turn-Key onsite hydrogen production from your own waste! Plagazi offers a pioneering method for changing waste into hydrogen. The company name stems from the concept “plasma gasification”.

Patricia Nilsson - Killerapps

FuelSplit is the mobile application that creates an incentive for carpooling! The user simply types in the "from" and "to" destination, the cars' registration number and the number of people travelling. The application uses information from the register of swedish transport agency (Transportstyrelsen) to calculate the exact amount of fuel usage per km. FuelSplit then finally presents the amount that every carpooler should pay; this based on an updated average cost of fuel.

Jan-Åke Ganterud - WasteGripper

Today compacted garbage waste is handled with mechanical equipments that tears and destroys the compressed bales, which leads to sanitary, environmental problems.

Anders Lundström - Svenska Aerogel

We manufacture and supply a variety of unique, environmentally friendly recyclable materials based on our patented version of an aerogel material for a wide range of industrial applications.

Emre Gürler - WaterNeer Sweden

Clean water is becoming a large scarcity in the entire world, especially in the developing world. This innovation transforms highly polluted water in lakes, ponds, mines, sevage systems into drinking water in a matter of seconds.

Erik Jansson - IBC Robotics AB

IBC Robotics AB shall develop and sell a product, IBA 2009, for automated cleaning in maintenance of freight containers using dry ice and robotics, with a focus on process efficiency, reduced environmental impact and ease of use

Stefan Rehnmark - Axcentua Pharmaceuticals

Axcentua Pharmaceuticals is pioneering an accelerated drug development strategy to generate novel therapeutics with clear clinical benefits for unmet medical needs.